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IT Infrastructure knowledge and solutions for office automation

In a rapidly changing world, it is important for today's companies to know that their “IT” works. Keeping knowledge up-to-date, keeping a grip on costs and continuity - both in terms of staff and technology - are challenges facing many IT managers and departments. With the In-control service, Finalist provides organizations with knowledge of IT infrastructure solutions for integrated office automation in four areas.

Service Desk

For an answer to each office automation query, IN-control provides an ITIL-based service desk. Our service desk collaborates closely with the various management teams and specialists to provide quick and definitive solutions.

On-site support

For problems that cannot be resolved remotely, IN-control provides the appropriate knowledge and expertise on site. Whether it's required full-time, part-time or on demand. This means you always feel safe with the availability of our in-house expertise.

Product support

For support, advice and delivery of hardware and software for your workstation and server park. As a result, you can always be assured of immediate support for specialized products, including Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, etc.


The right hosting solutions. Whether it is a hybrid, public or private environment, IN-control ensures that the environment is always safe to access, anytime, anywhere.

IN-control is the solution for infrastructure and office automation, from traditional deployment to managed services, with a focus on:

  • Continuity                  Always secure and available everywhere
  • Cost control               You always know exactly what you are spending
  • User experience        The optimal experience for your users         

Naturally, Finalist IN-control has demonstrably qualified staff to support your organization and to achieve the desired goals. The staff at Finalist IN-control are all professionals at their own level, with the right communication skills and readily available technical knowledge.

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