Agile software development

Custom Software

Finalist develops user-friendly custom software. It contains only those functions that you, your staff and/or your clients will actually use. We can help you to draw up the business case, the requirements, and implement the application in the most effective way. Together with you and your future users. 

When to customize?
When faced with choosing a software package to support your business processes, it is important to consider whether a standard or custom solution would be preferable. There is not always a standard solution that meets all your needs and requirements, in which case a custom application would be the best option. By drawing up a clear business case and requirements analysis, we can ensure a successful long-term choice. 

Security by Design 
Security is essential for your online application. Finalist has extensive experience with creating custom software applications that contain extremely private and sensitive information. Secure information exchange is by far the most important starting point. Our expertise lies in designing safe software that provides access to information, enriches it and then presents it to its target group in a user-friendly way.  In addition to knowledge of and expertise in the most up-to-date security techniques, design principles, and encryption technology, our development and management processes are fully certified. 

Benefits of custom software

  • Only the functions you actually use; 
  • By linking the use of open frameworks in the best possible way to your back office; 
  • Focus on user experience, resulting in a high user adoption; 
  • Predictable investment and no license fees. 

Why Finalist?

  • With more than 100 highly skilled developers, we are the ultimate custom software specialist in the Netherlands; 
  • Combines business and software knowledge; 
  • User Central Design principles and professional Scrum Teams ensure acceptance and results; 
  • Fully certified, high quality standards and excellent warranties;
  • With 4 locations in the Netherlands, always nearby and always on time!

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