Web application for medical treatment capacity


Client: Nictiz
In acute situations, information on available hospital capacity, such as accident and emergency (A&E), emergency cardiac unit, shock room, CT thrombosis unit or, is essential in order to be able to transport patients to the appropriate hospital with as little delay as possible. To limit further deterioration of the patient, care providers in the acute care chain (emergency switchboard operators, ambulance nurses and emergency service providers) must be able to access this valuable information immediately. 

Commissioned by the umbrella organizations in the acute care chain, Nictiz wanted their ‘Acuut Zorgportaal’ developed so that care providers would have an immediate pragmatic online overview of the relevant pre/hospital capacity.

The ‘Acuut Zorgportaal’ is a web application that offers care providers' emergency switchboards and emergency rooms a direct overview of the most up-to-date available treatment capacity. They will, at a glance, be able to see whether hospitals have implemented a stop to admissions. This can be seen on an online geographical application. More than 26 hospitals and 6 emergency switchboards have already participated, and this number is growing daily.


As the main contractor, Finalist completed the website in a complex environment. In doing so, they collaborated closely with the user group, the hosting party and the Dutch Association of Hospitals. NICTIZ has transferred ownership of the web application to the last-mentioned association, and to the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres.

Based on their excellent experiences during the project, the Dutch Association of Hospitals signed a support contract with Finalist for the technical and functional management of the website, and for the first-line helpdesk for users of the website.

Finalist delivered the website within the agreed budget and deadline. This despite the complexity of functionality and technology, and the large number of parties involved in the project.