A new Refugee Monitoring System for Dutch Council for Refugees

Client: Dutch Council for Refugees
The Dutch Council for Refugees (VWN) is a large volunteer organization that promotes the interests of political refugees in general throughout the Netherlands, assisting refugees with their asylum procedure and family reunification. VWN plays an important part in the housing and integration of the refugees. There are 14,000 volunteers, and approximately 1,000 paid employees.

The system that VWN used previously was technically outdated and was not very user-friendly. Additionally, VWN is constantly working to improve its organization, and this includes further standardization. This made a new Refugee Monitoring System (VVS) desirable. The VVS records all the information regarding supervision, which is then made available to employees and volunteers who can access it from their specific role. The refugees’ privacy is very important in this process, and, because of the diversity of its users, so is user-friendliness. The new system needed to comply with the harmonization of work procedures and accountability information, but also the requirements of around 300 municipalities in the Netherlands also had to be taken into account. On behalf of the government, the municipalities have a primary responsibility for receiving refugees.

Because of the large numbers of volunteers, delivering a user-friendly system was one of the most important requirements. Also, with a view to the various target groups, the system needed to be safe and flexible. VWN complies with national procedures, which also need to be adaptable for each region. This allows organisations to add and modify new procedures according to their requirements.

The story of how a refugee fled contains extremely confidential information. Secret services would want to use this information. Because VWN does not usually deal with such large projects, they were assisted by SIG; Software Improvement Group. They reviewed our software on a weekly basis and tested the security aspects of our applications.

VWN now has a user-friendly VVS that makes it easy for them to configure their reports and set up procedures. All objectives have been achieved, and the result is a specialized system that makes a substantial contribution to the unique treatment of refugees in the Netherlands.