My Eurocross for a quick overview and up-to-date information

Client: Eurocross
Eurocross is an emergency room that assists people in emergencies, anywhere in the world. They provide this service for their clients' customers. Part of their services are medical and travel assistance, and breakdown and accident assistance.

For the clients of national roadside assistance agencies, Eurocross wanted to find a modern way of offering an overview of, and information on, the status of the request for help, the assistance offered and the agreements made. An example of a client would be a leasing company, which would want to have an up-to-date overview of the status of a breakdown case: “Where did the breakdown occur, and where is the car now? What agreements have been made about replacement transport?”

After a Proof-of-Concept, Eurocross opted for Liferay portal technology, for which Finalist is a Platinum Service Partner. The data displayed in My Eurocross originates from two source systems at Eurocross. To guarantee optimal future-proof functionality and to be able to use as much real-time information as possible, it was decided to use an intermediate layer (an Enterprise Service Bus, ESB) as a link to the source systems. An important part of the project consisted of defining and fine-tuning the right messages between the portal and the ESB. Based on the visual design that Eurocross had drawn up in the preliminary phase, Finalist was able to complete the portal. Because the information that is unlocked in My Eurocross is sensitive, security was a very important aspect throughout the duration of the project. This is reflected by having the ability to activate second-factor authentication for logging on to My Eurocross.

The project was carried out using the Agile Scrum development method. In a series of biweekly Sprints, My Eurocross was further expanded until a fully-fledged, useable portal was created. Because Eurocross had little experience with this method, it was decided that we would take on the role of Product Owner together. One of the goals was to provide Eurocross with sufficient tools and ‘learning on the job’ options to enable them to independently fulfil the Product Owner role for follow-up projects. During the Sprints, there was also a close collaboration with Tjip, the party that provided the ESB and the required modifications.

In September 2017, Eurocross proudly launched the new My Eurocross portal for its first clients. In due course, more and more clients will be invited to use the portal. Because the portal has been separated from the source systems, the data shown can be further refined, enriched and supplemented, without requiring any immediate changes to the portal. Finally, the portal can be expanded in the future with information about other Eurocross services, such as medical and travel assistance.

Eurocross has posted an animated video about the portal on their own website. Take a look at it here.