Managing educational content


Client: Innovam
Innovam is the ultimate knowledge and training institute for the mobility industry, literally and figuratively one of the most dynamic sectors. Innovam’s goal is to ensure there are sufficient qualified employees in the mobility sector. To achieve this, they develop leading products and services that help their customers look forward to a healthy future.

Innovam was facing a challenge. The company was looking for a way in which all parties - developers of teaching materials, teachers, printers and e-learning companies - could work together to continuously develop teaching materials. In addition to a large number of texts, current systems often contain a separate database with images, videos and/or animations. There is software to manage these documents, but this is usually linked to a specific application, for example a learning environment. The ability to collaborate on different content, away from the final publication environment, was an important precondition for Innovam.

Because many educational organizations use different systems per educational resource or per fragment, the teaching material is not consistently managed in one central location. As a result, it can happen that courses and practical assignments do not connect very well with the teaching material in printed books. In an industry that has to deal with continuous change, this is not an option.

Finalist developed a customized content management environment for Innovam, aimed at managing educational content. This is a central platform where all available teaching material is incorporated into small fragments. All texts, images, videos, test questions and practical assignments are classified in this database by topic, learning objective and certifiable units. This is fully in line with Innovam’s innovation process.

The system helps to keep all teaching material up-to-date and consistent, by ensuring all parties work within the same platform. It is possible to create medium-independent material and then publish it on multi-channels, from traditional course books to e-learning, across all popular devices. The innovative way of compiling this material in the configured content management environment saves time for the users. Within the platform, it is very easy to combine all kinds of content into new teaching material. When compiling, all content can be searched for a specific term and the fragment can be reused in their teaching materials. This way, they do not need to write the content themselves or search different databases.

Compiling educational content becomes not only easier with the customized content management environment, but the quality of the teaching material also increases. As the same content is not created over and over again, but the existing content is supplemented, the quality of the content increases. Finally, this new working method offers Innovam access to a new target group. It no longer provides merely final teaching materials, but the text fragments can also be made available to intermediaries or other educational institutions. This way, the system provides access to all content on a specific topic.

The knowledge institute got talking to Finalist, an IT service provider with a strong focus on the education sector. Together, they looked at what would be the best solution, and it soon became clear that existing systems were inadequate. Finalist and Innovam have come up with a solution that has now been completed by Finalist. Both are very satisfied and pleased with the solution.

A customized content management environment.