Licence storage system for publishers ‘Koninklijke Boom’

Client: Koninklijke Boom Uitgevers
Koninklijke Boom publishers (KBu) was founded in 1841 and has evolved into a publishing group that develops multimedia activities in the field of high-quality and national information provision. With over 300 professionals, KBu operates in the cultural, educational, scientific and professional information sectors. KBu also publishes newspapers, books and magazines.

KBu consists of various publishing companies (operating companies), each with their own systems for managing digital content licences. To achieve efficiency and quality objectives, KBu asked Finalist to develop one central application for licence management, useable by all the operating companies.

During an intensive preparation phase, in which the KBu and Finalist teams collaborated closely, they worked together on the design of the “Boomlicenties” application. During this phase, in addition to architecture and technology, there was also the necessary attention given to the user interface and the entire ‘look & feel’ of the application.

Because KBu has many different (sales) channels for its digital content, such as webshops, it was important to ensure optimal interfaces with Boom licences. To achieve this, Finalist developed and documented a number of APIs to enable the (sales) channels to link to the to Boomlicenties independently.

KBu also made the decision, fully in line with the vision that Finalist had, to integrate various Open Source components into the Boomlicenties solution, for example for Identity and Access Management.

The preparation phase resulted in a well-stocked ‘product backlog’ which the Finalist team could use as a foundation to start building the application, based on the Agile Scrum development method. Due to the way KBu was organized for this project (a working group with representatives from all operating companies, and a competent Product Owner who joined the development team two days a week), the ‘Sprints’ were very effective, resulting in an application that was completed well within the scope of the number of agreed Sprints.

As a result of thorough preparations, efficient and effective completion, KBu now has a robust licence management application. Because of the way in which the application has been set up and documented, KBu is able to start using it step by step, and to transfer and link the operating companies and (sales) channels one at a time.