Digital quality manual for Surplus Zorggroep

Client: Surplus Zorggroep
Surplus Zorggroep offers a varied range of care, housing and welfare in West and Central Brabant. Nursing care, home care, day care and care in residential groups, Surplus can deliver it all. Surplus has 2200 employees and 1400 volunteers available. The core values to which Surplus subscribes are; close by, involved and personal.

Surplus asked Finalist to create a quality manual that was interactive and contemporary. This was because the old Surplus quality manual was not used sufficiently. There were a few reasons for this; it could not be accessed outside a Surplus location or from a device other than a PC; it was not interactive and the information in the manual was hard to find.

As a solution, the OPEN-case product, which is a proven, interactive platform, was implemented. This product, based on Drupal CMS, has a document management structure embedded in the program. Moreover, the emphasis is on advanced search technology, so that employees always find the document or information they want and expect to find. During the design phase, the user's working method was given priority, in order to produce a user-friendly and pleasantly workable quality manual.

Finalist chose a people-oriented UX approach during the analysis phase, in order to achieve a good design for the manual. During the various interactive sessions, key figures at Surplus were involved in the design process: it was a joint effort. The Agile project methodology was applied during the completion of the project. Because the project was completed in staged deliveries, it was possible to process the evolving insights during the development. The end result was not fixed in advance, and could be amended in close collaboration with Surplus.

The result is an interactive quality manual, which is intended to make quality documents and information easily and quickly available to Surplus employees at all possible locations and on all devices. The interactive nature of the manual ensures that employees can share their experiences regarding the documents with their colleagues, provide feedback, and evaluate the information. The manual has also been integrated into another external quality system: the Vilans KICK portal. This unlocks nationally applicable healthcare protocols and presents these in the quality manual. This enables employees to view all relevant information based on their search term/s, and can even apply further filter actions via facet navigation to enable quick and easy searches. An intelligent document management structure has been integrated for the editors of the quality manual. A document will follow a particular workflow, from author to reviewer to publication.