System Integration

Do you want to link several software systems to ensure information flows smoothly through your organization? The integration of systems ensures excellent communication and cooperation between different software systems, to maximize the impact of your products and services.


When to deploy an integration system? 

Integration becomes topical if you want to combine information from multiple systems. One-to-one links are a risk to monitoring, management and maintenance. Especially with a multitude of systems, it is desirable to have an integration platform that manages the communication between software systems. The backbone of an integration platform is Enterprise Service Bus technology.



Enterprise Service Bus Technology

Finalist specializes in implementing this type of architecture, and in most situations, we use Red Hat JBoss Fuse as Enterprise Service Bus technology. This is one of the market leaders in the field of application integration, and both functional and technical application management can be implemented using this specialized method. Finalist also has extensive experience with products such as Mule and Sopera, enabling us to choose the technology that best fits your needs.


Success factors of an integration system

  • Start small, with a focus on information flows of available systems
  • Use an architecture design for a complete overview
  • Use open standards for maximum interconnectivity

Why Finalist?

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