Social intranet

Do you want seamless contact with your colleagues using the most accessible means of communication? And uncomplicated online collaboration? A social intranet is the new digital workplace for online collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees.

When to implement a social intranet?

Organizations benefit from the enormous added value of a social intranet, as all employees are digitally connected. Organizations that want to encourage their employees to share knowledge, save time and who support employees in their day-to-day work by making it more effective and satisfactory, cannot function properly without a social intranet. 

Success factors of implementing a social intranet

  • Start small and focus on the most important requirements
  • Adopt user-centric design for optimal user experience
  • Use open standards for flexibility

Why Finalist?

  • Social Intranet specialist with a large number of implementations in the Netherlands
  • Combines business and software knowledge
  • User Central Design principles and professional Scrum Teams ensure acceptance and results
  • With 4 locations in the Netherlands, always nearby and always on time!