Employees, customers, and partners want one online environment in which they can view all relevant and personal information, customized to their context and device. With a modern portal solution, your employees can work more effectively and comfortably, enabling you to offer customers a self-service option and thus improve your business. 

When to use a portal?

Information and knowledge are recorded in multiple systems. The more systems users need to consult, the more inefficient their work flow becomes. Providing access to information in one central location has enormous benefits. The more important it is to display information and functions within one context or dashboard, the greater the business case for a portal solution. This applies to both employees and customers as collaborating partners. 

Success factors of portal implementation

  • Start by pooling the information flows that add most value
  • ​Define your target architecture for information access within a broad context
  • Apply user-centric design for best user experience of your portal
  • Use a solution based on open standards to make access easy

Why Finalist?

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