Staff portal

Care is more efficient when every single healthcare colleague has targeted information at their disposal, based on who they are, what they do and what authority they have. 

Why a staff portal?
A staff portal has great added value for healthcare organizations, as it connects staff members with one another. Care organizations that want to encourage their employees to share knowledge, save time and who support employees in their day-to-day work by making it more effective and satisfactory, cannot function properly without a healthcare staff portal.

Personal information based on social relationships
How involved and satisfied are your employees? Do you want to increase your employee satisfaction level, and also strengthen the bond between employees? This starts with a thorough analysis of all social relationships within your organization. Committed employees are worth their weight in gold. Productivity rises, the quality improves and the client benefits from added value. Consequently, client satisfaction and customer loyalty are also boosted. New technologies that are part of the staff portal, offer many opportunities to increase healthcare information for employees on the basis of social connections. 

Do you want to strengthen bonds and raise the satisfaction level between employees and your organization while, at the same time, improving efficiency? Take a look at the staff portal demo to see how it works, and how it could be implemented in your organization.  ​

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