Quality Information System (QIS)

Verifiably better healthcare, with a sophisticated interactive quality information system.

Why use a quality information system?
The quality information system is where all employees can view up-to-date, relevant documents, work instructions and process descriptions. The synergy arising from the quality information system that visualizes the interrelationships between information, documents, work instructions, process descriptions and people, ensures the level of healthcare quality is much improved.

Encouraging collaboration and external information utilization
The quality information system provides all employees with a platform that enables them to engage, ask questions and share experiences regarding documents, work instructions and process descriptions. The interactive nature of the system ensures that employees can share their experiences with colleagues about the documents, can provide feedback and evaluate the information. External third-party quality manuals are easy to link using the national healthcare protocols. These can also be searched from the quality information system.

Easy-to-use on any device and from any location
It is self-evident that the quality information system is the easiest and most efficient way for employees to access documents, work instructions and process descriptions. The quality information system can be reached from any location and from any (mobile) device with an Internet connection.

Do you want to safeguard your knowledge base and create synergy in order to guarantee quality of care from any device and from any location? Take a look at the quality information system demo to see how it works and how it could be implemented in your organization.  ​

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