Medical dashboard

Analyze your medical data using just one dashboard

Combine information flows
Smart devices offer more and more possibilities to measure patients’ health. But why would you want to use a different login for each device and application? This solution integrates your medical and technical information flows into one easy-to-use dashboard. It enables you to make cross connections and in-depth analyses, which previously was not possible.

Each specialism has a dedicated dashboard
Healthcare providers are seeing a huge increase in patient information from heart rate-apps, glucose meters and other self-measuring devices. Both in hospital and at home. Logging in to multiple systems to check the patient's condition is time consuming and inefficient.

Create cross-links and in-depth analyses
Blood pressure, temperature, and all other values that are relevant to the user, are shown in real-time in one simple dashboard. This is configured to your requirements. The dashboard is responsive and easy-to-use on all standard display formats. Unlike the electronic patient record (EPF), the dashboard also offers the possibility to make cross connections and in-depth analyses. Even from devices that do not have their own information provision, it is easy to read data by installing a healthcare connector.

Do you want all the medical information in one dashboard? Take a look at the medical dashboard demo to see how it works, and how it could be applied to your healthcare organization.  

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