Integration platform for healthcare

The healthcare integration platform acts as a hub by integrating the specific care connectors of all healthcare applications individually, using a single link.

Why use a healthcare integration platform?
To put is simply: the healthcare integration platform integrates all the healthcare applications. Integrating becomes topical if you want to combine information from multiple systems. One-to-one links are a risk for monitoring, management and maintenance. Especially with a multitude of systems, it is desirable that the integration platform enables the interchange of data between software systems. The core of the integration platform is Enterprise Service Bus technology, making the provision and exchange of information fast, efficient and reliable.

Healthcare providers and client
The integration platform combines the available information and processes it in such a way that healthcare providers and clients have rapid access to the required information. The use of specific healthcare links, based on national healthcare protocols, make it possible to unlock information from virtually any system.

Do you want to manage the healthcare information flows from all of your systems professionally, and make them scalable for the future? Take a look at the healthcare integration platform demo to see how it works and how it could be applied to your organization.  ​

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