Corporate healthcare website

The target group oriented corporate healthcare website supports findability and branding, but, above all, smooth patient and client journeys.

Why a healthcare website?
Corporate profiling, supporting and advising patients and clients, and accepting appropriate new patients and clients, all comes together in the healthcare website. These profession-specific properties need to be secured. This makes it desirable to use the website to serve the various target groups within their own context, from their needs and perception. 

Flexible patient and client journeys
The healthcare website can be configured to the needs and experiences of the various target groups. The information relevant to them is central to the way content is presented. It is important that every visitor, driven by their current needs, can navigate the website quickly and easily. It is important that the target group makes its own choices during the patient or client journey. The website needs to be more than content-related information. It also represents a feeling, has authority and ensures that visitors are helped in a way that best suits them 

News and expert knowledge
The healthcare website is a source of news and expert knowledge, offered within the context of the different needs of the target groups. It can touch on themes and topics after which the information can be further explored, because the context-related information being offered is essential. If the target group already knows why they are there, then the desired information can be viewed quickly via an accessible and clear information structure. If the target group does not know exactly what they are looking for, and has too little time to browse, then the required information is found by the search engine after the user enters the keywords. Key here is to start off by keeping it simple, then filter until the right information is found. For professionals, in-depth information and the ability to communicate with colleagues about their profession is important. 

Do you want to offer optimal support to patients or clients in their search and, at the same time, present your organization in a professional manner? Take a look at the healthcare website demo to see how it works, and how it could be applied to your healthcare organization.  ​

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