Healthcare and IT

Zorg en IT

Healthcare is at the heart of digital transformation. Self-sufficient and exacting clients demand contact 24/7. Our healthcare is changing irreversibly, and it is of vital importance that your clients are unburdened, and the load within your own organization is reduced simultaneously.

If you are able to support your client’s journeys with the right digital solutions, you'll be ready for 2020. New opportunities will arise in the future, but you will only be able to capitalize on these if you utilise modern, open and flexible technology. So, strengthen your healthcare organization with an all-in-one partner that has in-depth knowledge of your IT, and which focuses on the critical link between IT solutions.

Our knowledge of health care and IT come together in our dedicated healthcare products. Together, these products benefit more than 250,000 leading institutional healthcare clients. It is fantastic to actually accomplish our mission: to enable people to remain active as they grow older. 

Digital products for healthcare

  • Client portal

    The digital client portal is a secure online environment that provides access to client-related healthcare information.
  • Staff portal

    Care is more efficient when every single healthcare colleague has targeted information at their disposal, based on who they are, what they do and what authority they have. 
  • Integration platform for healthcare

    The healthcare integration platform acts as a hub by integrating the specific care connectors of all healthcare applications individually, using a single link.
  • Medical dashboard

    Analyze your medical data using just one dashboard
  • Corporate healthcare website

    The target group oriented corporate healthcare website supports findability and branding, but, above all, smooth patient and client journeys.
  • Quality Information System (QIS)

    Verifiably better healthcare, with a sophisticated interactive quality information system.