Educational staff portal

Mutual communication between teachers, organization and employees to the highest level, using the interactive staff portal with social relationships as the basis. 

Why use a staff portal?
The educational staff portal has many features that are very important within educational institutions. For example, the intranet allows teachers, students and staff to share knowledge in an easy and user-friendly way. Also, the intranet makes working more effective and saves time. A successful staff portal makes better communication, integration, collaboration and involvement between employees, students and teachers possible.

Personal information based on social relationships
How involved and satisfied are your employees? Do you want to increase the level of satisfaction among staff or strengthen the bond among employees? This starts with a thorough analysis of all social relationships within your organization. Committed employees are worth their weight in gold. Productivity rises, the quality improves and the client benefits from added value. Student satisfaction and student loyalty will increase accordingly. New technologies that are part of the staff portal, offer many opportunities to increase for educational information for employees based on social relationships. 

Do you want to reinforce the bond and satisfaction between employees and your educational organization by providing the most personal information? Take a look at the staff portal demo to see how it works and how it could be implemented in your educational organization.  ​

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