Digital learning and working environment (DLWE)

Increasingly, digital resources and inquisitive students and teachers are demanding first-rate information flows that come together in a digital learning and working environment (DLWE).

Why use a digital learning and working environment?
Digital learning and working environments bring students and teachers together. An optimal digital environment promotes interaction between students and teachers, and contributes to a better education. The digital learning and working environment is a combination of various software systems that students, researchers and staff use to carry out their work. The digital learning and working environment focuses on an integrated approach. The functionality that students and teachers need, are combined with the functionalities the professional work fields and administration are requesting. They enable educational institutions to work more efficiently, they provide improved quality and closer interaction, and costs are reduced.

Completion is impossible without students and teachers
The contribution from students and teachers is indispensable for an optimal and successful digital learning and working environment. They know more than anyone what users need. Just think of personalization of information, cross-media publications (web, tablet and mobile), integration with other applications and access to data.

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