Corporate Educational Website

The target group-oriented corporate educational website improves the inflow and limits the outflow of students by supporting the various student journeys.

Why use an educational website?
The recruitment of new students, corporate profiling and supporting and advising students all flow together in the educational website. The marketing and communication objectives for these priorities must be achieved. This makes it desirable to use the website to serve the various target groups within their own context, from their needs and perception. 

Flexible student journeys
The educational website can be configured using the need and perception of the different target groups as the starting point. The information relevant to them is central to the way content is presented. It is important that every visitor, driven by their current needs, can navigate the website quickly and easily. It is important that the target group make their own choices during their student journey. The website needs to be more than content-related information. It also represents a feeling, has authority and ensures that visitors are helped in a way that best suits them

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