Education and IT

Onderwijs en IT

Education is going through a digital transition. Modern students demand and expect a high digital standard. Education is changing irreversibly, and it is of vital importance that your students are unburdened, and that the load on your own organization is reduced.

If you can support students' journeys with the right internet solutions, you'll be ready for 2020. New opportunities will arise in the future, but you will only be able to capitalize on these if you utilise modern, open and flexible technology. So, strengthen your educational organization with an all-in-one partner that has in-depth knowledge of your IT, and who focuses on the ultimately crucial link between IT solutions.

Our knowledge of education and IT come together in products designed for education. Together, these products have now reached over 175,000 students at universities, colleges and in secondary vocational education. It is fantastic to see our mission actually being accomplished: the smart way to enlighten people.

Digital products for education

  • Digital learning and working environment (DLWE)

    Increasingly, digital resources and inquisitive students and teachers are demanding first-rate information flows that come together in a digital learning and working environment (DLWE).
  • Educational staff portal

    Mutual communication between teachers, organization and employees to the highest level, using the interactive staff portal with social relationships as the basis.
  • Corporate Educational Website

    The target group-oriented corporate educational website improves the inflow and limits the outflow of students by supporting the various student journeys.
  • Educational integration platform

    The educational integration platform acts as a hub by using specific education connectors for uniting all individual educational applications with just one single link.