About Finalist


"Every second we distribute and present relevant information to more than 500.000 endusers in healthcare, education and financial services by crafting complex software"

Integrated software solutions aimed at customer engagement.

Human Centric | Intuitive | Smart​

  • 130 skilled and educated colleages
  • independent technology advisor
  • Gartner-renowned products
  • innovative since 1988
  • people-oriented approach to end-users
  • Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Maarssen & Eindhoven

we unite / humans and IT

Finalist offers a wide range of services and solutions, specially designed and developed for healthcare and education organizations. Extensive experience in these sectors enables Finalist to support these organizations and institutions across the full product spectrum. For example, by offering a community in which doctors and patients meet, a single sign-on portal for students and employees, and by making large amounts of data more manageable. Our extensive experience in these sectors enables Finalist to support these organizations and institutions across the full spectrum of services. 

Always close at hand

Personal attention and direct contact with our specialists are paramount. With offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Maarssen and Rotterdam, there is always an office near you. We are also happy to work on location. As a result, the lines are kept as short as possible. Our project methodologies are optimally configured to make this possible. Online tools and dashboards provide an overview of the communications and progress.

Our approach

Innovation and knowledge sharing is in our DNA. By using open source and open standards, we are able to precisely convert specific customer requirements into professional software. Continuity and speed is guaranteed, as we embrace leading products and existing components. Our lean and agile project methodology ensures a result that is both guaranteed and delivered on time, as promised. 

Creating understanding, insight and openness

Finalist invents, designs and develops software for the implementation of open IT solutions. Our solutions help organisations to collaborate more closely with their interest groups by creating understanding, insight and openness. We apply advice, projects and services to create a wide range of products. We monitor the flow of information closely, and by making it comprehensible, people can learn and take control. Our target groups are primarily organizations that have a critical need for excellent information provision and close cooperation.


Finalist is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and NEN 7510 certified for all its internal and external procedures.

Our Partners

  • Finalist is Advanced Business Partner of Red Hat; Market leader of Enterprise Open Source software.
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  • LiferayPlatinum
    Finalist is Platinum Service Partner of Liferay, leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for horizontal portals.
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  • Acquia
    Finalist is Partner of Acquia, Market leader for supporting Drupal CMS. Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
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  • Arcusys
    Finalist is partner of Arcusys. Valamis is an award-winning open source learning experience platform.
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